something is odd here. I went back to 968 and the noaa reports updated and uploaded as they should have.

Brian, did something change between 968 and 969? as far as the update of these reports and their uploading???


mine is OK, apart from the day my PC/ MB gave up on me (i need to get the data from the server Pc…

…i dont think i havew broken anything…

yours looks fine. Mine if I try the manual send from the show averages/extremes at the bottom of the page, the keys “stick” the type looks green and nothing updates or prints. The same with the action - update averages/extremes on internet. I can click it but nothing happens. I get the hour glass for the pointer but nothing changes or uploads.

The new month here is 24 hours and some a way. I will wait and see if the problem is with this months data.

Just that something was different for me between the968 and 969.

Granddaughter went home with dad, place is already too quiet.

when it does not fire like that, then go to view, program error log , and look for an error there.
i have added more rain averages info since that last version…

ERROR: Floating point division by zero at time/date 08:56:37 PM 3/30/2003
ERROR: Floating point division by zero at time/date 08:56:44 PM 3/30/2003
ERROR: Floating point division by zero at time/date 08:56:48 PM 3/30/2003
the above are for the noaa and dailyreport files and manual send noaa report email.

for the update average/extereme I get:
ERROR: I/O error 6 at time/date 08:58:47 PM 3/30/2003

zip and email me the 32003lg.txt log file again
for the noaa report
and for the i/o error
deleting the file
and then reset it, via view, averages/extreme (scroll right to the bottom)

will do all.

I zipped the two files and sent them to you.

I deleted the March2003 htm and did the reset. Now that is a neat function, it rebuilt it right through today. of course today isn’t over, but that is still a great function to have. :smiley:

So, if any month’s htm is off, I delete it then set the month and hit the reset?

yes to the reset the month web files (but manualy upload that file to the web site too)

i cant duplicate the error you get even with your data
i hate it when that happens

there is one other file

from the datafile folder,…

Do you suppose I have some part of the Wdisplay program, a component that is putz???