TMEX temperture readings versus WD

Hi ,
Just wondering if those of you who have the extra temperture sensor ( Dallas DS1820 chips ) have observed a difference in readings when using the TMEX ibutton viewer and the reading in the setup area of WD .
I reported to Brian my findings ,but if someone else could verify the difference would be great . :?

How did you do the comparison? I tried but by the time I shut down WD and start up the iButton viewer the temps have changed?

Hi Greg ,
I would expect the temperture wouldn’t change significantly by the time the comparisons were done . It’s only a matter of a minute by the time you shutdown WD and fire up TMEX ( find the appropriate sensor RomID and display ) .
The update times in TMEX are display with the values alternating between ( black & red ) ~ not sure how to determine that within WD .
Are the value your’ve seen so far indicate anything ?
You could also try Arne’s 300102 version and see what values are showing ( there’s a difference in readings there also )

Hi ,
Just reporting I’ve noticed a difference in using the ilink adapter and the DS9097U ( internal 100 ohm resistor ) .
not sure why :?

Whats an iLink adapter?

Hi Greg ,
Gee, I would have thought you would have several of these .
check this out

I dare you to ask about them on the 1-wire forum

I’ll stick with my $10 DS909u’s. I haven’t had any problems at all with my one-wire network since I put the resistors in the data lines of my humidity sensors and barometer.