Tip for adding a new provider Sky Condition & Weather forecast

Hi wvdkuil, I am opening this post simply to give a suggestion to insert a new external provider “Sky Condition & Weather forecast” via the API, in the eventual new version of pws_dashboard, as an alternative to the darksky provaider which has now closed permanently the registrations to get its API to be included in the pws dashboard.
I found this weather manager that provides the API for viewing the weather conditions of the sky, it looks very interesting and quite updated and well organized.
The provaider I propose is this: “https://openweathermap.org/”.
They say it’s a good alternative to DarkSky and it’s easy to migrate from it.
Check if it is possible to implement their “API” to acquire data of “Sky conditions” and “Weather forecast” in place of or in addition to DarkSky.
Check that it is a good alternative to darksky.
Thanks for all.
Best regards.


Even if DarkSky is not available we have 3 different forecast providers world-wide: WU-API, YrNo-free, Aeris-API, WXSIM-paid_program and 1 extra EC-free for Canada.
For CCN (Sky-Block) we have 2 providers: METAR-API and Aeris-API, plus Clientraw and EC-free for Canadian users.
It seems well covered as most providers use METAR as their basic source.
It is relative easy to develop another METAR based script, either with another API or using the METAR-txts directly as we did in the past.

Maybe someone will invest at least 40 hours of their free-time to develop scripts using “openweathermap”, be it three forecast-scripts and or a CCN-script.
If so, I am willing to test those scripts and to integrate them in the PWS_Dashboard and adapt the setup script.


OK I understand, and to wait for someone to script. It was because the server I now use “Metar” is wrong in the predictions on current conditions in some locations I use, while other testiders are more reliable, and I do not know which other reliable service to use excluding darksky, among the selectable ones.