Times For Today's Barometric High/Low Is The Same

For some reason, WD is showing today’s High barometric time as being 2:30 PM (it’s 12:20 PM), and today’s Low barometric time as being the same - 2:30 PM. Any sugestions as to how to fix? Currently running Version 9.48c.

thats odd
but try resetting one of them (under action, reset daily high low)
or maybe it was set from data extracted from a data logger?

Tried that. All it did was to set both of the daily record high and low barometric pressures and times to the read the same. After waiting for 30 minutes the high pressure and time started to change. Is there some way that I can tell WD to read the logfile and extract the current day’s highs and lows?

what barometer reading do you have at the moment?
…i gotta run though

Real Time Barometric Pressure is currently 30.291 @ 11:39 PM. If you go to my Web site at http://home.rochester.rr.com/smmoyer/WDisplay/, look under Charts/Today’s Highs/Lows, and you will see that the low starts at 10:57 PM, which is the time that I reset it (ignore the wandering eyes - just playing). I also noticed that some of the graphs are also missing data. I’ll upgrade to 9.49 and see if that fixes it. If not, while I sleep, I’ll let you put you’re thinking cap on and see what you can come up with :smiley: .

Otherwise, is there some way that I can tell WD to reset it’s statistics based on what is in the log file? I got this weather station for Christmas, so, the only data that I have is from the beginning of the year. I would hate to lose some of the data though, because we’ve had some near record lows (-4 F), and some near record low wind-chills (-15 F).