Time, with Seconds?

Hi Brian… maybe you can suggest something for me here, or perhaps add a tag?? I’m still playing with getting the WD data into SQL Server so I can write a web application to pull specific data from the data history… I’d like to use the “Time” the data was written by WD as an identifier to help me ensure I don’t have redundant entries… but the problem I am having is that WD logs the current time in minutes with no seconds, and I periodically will capture the data twice during the same minute… if I could get a timestamp/tag that showed seconds, I could return datasets with unique times… that way I could clean up the database should WD ever fail and my SQL engine keeps grabbing the same log entry over and over and over…

There may be a better way to ensure uniqueness, but this seems to be the easiest I’ve come up with…


is this being taken care of now that i have a WD database program working?

Yup… the database feature fixes what I was trying to do myself… so I don’t need the seconds any longer!