Time to call it quits with WD? NO!

To follow-up to the long thread I started with the same subject:

All of you that said the USB cable was at fault were right. With the serial cable, my VP2 and WD are living happily ever after with each other. I have not had a single problem with WD since swapping out cables several weeks ago. Thanks to everyone in the forum for your suggestions.

Very glad to hear you tracked down the villain, hope everything keeps going smoothly (well as smoothly as anyone crazy enough to run their own weather station can hope for :stuck_out_tongue: ) for you :wink:

Thanks for the follow-up,

Hit the nail on the head Bob, (anyone crazy enough to run their own weatherstation)
Coyote :wink:

I wonder who was the first to suggest that it might be the VP2 USB connection :wink:

I’m glad you’ve found the source of your problem and that you can now get back to some serious weather watching rather than serious bug hunting!

Thanks for the follow up on your problem. Great to hear you have it fixed.

Good news weatherdoc.
Just had a new PC built and in view of the many probs folks reported with cable I had a serial port installed. Transfer went smoothly and so far so good [-o<

Good news indeed :smiley:

Actually, administrator, the first person to suggest the USB connection was the problem was a colleague of mine at work - many months before my original post. I should’ve listened to him. But…you were the first on the forum (and I should’ve listened to you at first also)!