Time not updating for bottom graph history

Version: 10.37N
Station: WMR-200
OS: xp SP3

On the main display, with the 3 graphs, the bottom graph doesn’t update the time of the reading when I browse through its history. The top 2 graphs update the time fine.
(see attached screen shot: the graph’s time is the same time as the current time of 13:50, despite the black marker being at ~09:30)

it will depend on your graphing options
e.g plotting windchill instead of hour time bar

Well I’ve played around with the graph setup, including turning off wind chill ,but the problem persists. Also, the ‘hour line’ shows on the top 2 graphs but not on the bottom one, so I think it is a bug.

its not a bug
the time at cursor will only show up when you have the hour bar lines showing on the bottom graph

but if you have selected to plot extra data, then they are plotted instead of hour lines

Hmmm, my hour bar lines show, and I am not plotting anything extra, and my cursor does not work on the bottom graph either…

10.37N b06


Here the same.
It does not show the time.

Same with me, the bottom graph does not show the time.

If you talk about the “graph history” button and browse then I have the same.

But by browsing in normal view all works correct.