Tide prediction

I know this is not really your domain Brian (if it is a problem with the tide prediction software), but something that is happening, although I can live with it, and it is only a minor thing is that the tideprediction.html produced is always a day out.

For example, today is Wednesday, but the chart shows from yesterday onwards.

If I go to WD and to the tide prediction screen, the tide predictions shown are up to day, indicating as from today onwards.

If I “update/upload now”, this will correct the problem, but only for that day, then from then and onwards the display continues as 24 hours behind again.

Is there something written in your software that is causing this silly hiccup which can easily bring things back into line.


I have the same happening here, As you said it’s a minor annoyance. Maybe the daily update is happening before the stroke of midnight, because of time zoning or daylight saving, who knows. Maybe Brian will find the time to have a quick check sometime to see if it is WD related.