Ticking from my Davis VP

Hi - anyone else experience an annoying ticking from their VP when using the more frequent baro updates that arrived in one of the more recent releases.

When WD is shut down - no ticking
When WD is collecting baro at the old frequency (15mins?) - no ticking
Any other baro frequency - it ticks.
The ticks themselves are not constant like a watch or clock would make, but in random patterns.

Odd !!!

I’m sure you would’ve seen the other threads regarding this same matter.

Perhaps a search of the forum would’ve brought you the answer or many answers ? :slight_smile:

down load the latest copy of WD. Under control panel, where you select your station. there are two boxes. one is force update 1 min and the other is force update 5 min for the barometer. you can untick these and you will be back with the normal update.

However, if you want the sample still, then use the 1 min update. But besure you have the latest version.

I wrote Davis and had a reply from Brian Carpenter ( I have a posting under Chatter) and it is the barometer sensor, he claims it is good for billions of clicks). But the click is the barometer and you need the latest version to correct it. Brian adjusted the timing. Mine clicks, when I listen for it … once a minute one time. The same number if I manually update the barometer. :wink: