Thread list suggestion for Admin

I haven’t added this to the new structure thread, which has become inordinately long and which I haven’t read through, so I may be repeating what has already been said. If so, sorry.

I find the black lines in the thread lists make it look very “boxy” – even worse is the list of boards. May I suggest that they be replaced by white lines to make them look more “airy” and open? The two attachments offer a “Before & After” effect of my suggestion, FWIW.

What does anyone else think? Should it be white, or lighter grey or maybe even a shade of blue?

I’ll see how easy this will be to do. It depends on which class is adding the lines. If it’s used extensively there might be other impacts by making the change and then I might need to do some extensive theme changes to implement a second class with different colours. The classes are reused in many template files that I’ve not had to modify, so there could be a big knock on effect. (I’m not near the source code right now so I can’t check).

It’s not a rewrite-the-whole-code issue for me but I think Devil has a very good point. White’s fine, any very pale color that takes away the “spreadsheet” look would be good. I guess all the underlining contributes to the overall busy look, so maybe changing that would be an alternative if the borders prove difficult?

I think white would look better too, it’s nice to get rid of the box effect but leaving a divide there still.


I really can’t see the need for change. I’m more concerned about functionality and info; the cosmetics are just extra work for a busy person.

It must be snowing…everything has gone pale and white.

Is it any better now?

Well I like it :slight_smile:

GREAT! :slight_smile:

It’s better but I think you need something to separate the sections still - especially at the top of the page. Going from black to white is too much for me and I think a very faint grey or light blue would be even better.


It was a grey rather than black in most places. I’ll try to find a pastel shade of blue that fits with the overall theme but is softer on the eyes, although this is all starting to sound like toilet paper design #-o

The test will be in how absorbent it is …


OK…how soft and absorbent is this pastel shade of blue border? You can hardly notice it as the photons glide like silk across the rods and cones of your retina. Do I get a job in marketing after this?

Next week’s color is Barbie Pink followed the week after by My Little Pony Yellow :wink:

Now that is the perfect combination of absorbency, photon glide and marketing b******t for me!

Ever considered a job in graphic design?


No, no, no, no, NO! I’d have to use a Mac then :wink:

I love my Mac :love7:
After over two years, still trying to find my way around this PC :frowning:

I love my PC. My experience with Mac’s has been exactly the same as yours with a PC.

We’re not starting another Mac v PC thread though #-o I think we’ve agreed in the past that the two are like chalk and cheese. Mac users like Macs and tend to hate PCs. PC users (who have tried Macs) like PCs and tend to dislike Macs.

What’s a Mac??

(Ducks for cover)

Something you wear when it’s raining apples?

It’s a bit like courtship of many years ago, as I slowly splodge my way through various files etc and become a little more confident I am slowly but surely being PC converted.
Only just discovered the various files on C drive this morning when looking to see where to find directory to set up MML and WDL desktop versions.
Still don’t know how :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: