Thought this was fixed?

Thought what was fixed? The Barometer going off the chart? Is that what you mean?


I had the same problem and went in and did a “Lift/Lower the barometer line”, and now have the following:

Anyone know how to straighten this out?

Interesting… Between the time that I typed in the post, and the time I submitted it, the graph got straighten out !! Before, the scale on the right side had shifted down about a quarter of the way, with no numbers at the top.

Wish I knew what was going on. I also have had problems in the 48hourgraph, 72hourgraph, alltimerecords, alltimerecordsmonth, etc. Never had these problems before.

Windows XP, Davis VP, AMD 1.4 ghz, 512 mb ram

Brian just implemented a fix to automatically adjust all the graphs if the swing in the data warrants it. It doesn’t appear to be working very well though. I have reverted back to 9.38 due to all the problems with the Metar image updates as well as this new auto adjustment of the graphs. Hang in there he’ll eventually get it straight.

greg, zip and email me your month22003.inf file from the folder datafiles
what are the problems with the metar updates greg?