Things getting a bit weird


I am noticing strange things going on in WD more in the last few days than ever. I will list what I see below and let you respond accordingly.

WD today reporting a high and low temp at the same time, 12am, but 20 degrees difference.

Webpage realtime graph jumps from last night to middle of the day today for no reason.

The windspike that appears once a day(on the graph and extreme but no where else not even on the weather station)

WD starts up with some kind of weird mosaic looking webcam picture until I go in and re-select the same settings it already has, then the picture clears up fine.

A XP error box for the FTP program that goes away as soon as I click it but nothing is wrong.

The wind-run but I think that is OK now.

Just letting you know what I see, not complaining, not trying to be a a**. Just figured you would want to know.


clear the records on the real time graph

this needs to be done periodicly
i have a option to that auto every 3 days

Pretty-Please tell me where it is :roll:

move the whole window up bit
its to the right and down a bit of the clear button

:?: :!: 8O :?: :!: 8O :frowning:
Here, in SC, we don’t have a average speed of 63.1F or a daily rain of 48%!

What is going on with this realtime graph getting all crazy on me?!?!

ah, the labels should show indoor temp, indoor hum
(you must have unticked avgspd/rain)
try restarting the program to get thee labels to change ( i need to fix that)