The wind direction graph is too wide after upgrading weather display

this will occur if at some stage you have customised the main screen (at least clicked on save under setup, advanced/misc, main window customise)
if you have not done much customisation then you could click to reset the customisation in the above setup window
then restart WD
if you have done some customisation of the main screen before then you can make the wind direction graph narrower, and then move the E N W S symbols, and the at graph position value)
(you can enable main screen customisation via setup, advanced/miscm main window customise…tick to enable move/resize of objects, the when you view the main screen, holding down CTRL on your keyboard then holding the left mouse button moves the object that was under the cursor at that time (as you move the mouse)…holding down the SHIT key on the keyboard and left mouse button resizes the object (as you move the mouse).
to save changes, click on save changes back in the setup, advanced/misc, main program