the new niko dog!

I have a Boltek Lightning Detector pci for sale…in good condition, worked great with Nexstorm software.

First $200 takes it, i accept Paypal or money order for payment.

If interested, please contact me at [email protected]

I have emailed you.

That dog, never stops…

How about walking the other direction?

He has changed directions a couple of times, but I guess he should be heading left now :wink:

Slimmer Dog…

nice dog

hi all so has it been sold or not cheers keith #-o

You’ll be pleased to see he’s now enjoying a well earned rest :smiley:


thirsty dog…


Snow Dog

i think these all need to be moved to a separate thread…way off topic!
i moved this whole thread to chatter…
but i did not intend the first posting…that needs to stay…but gotta run

I quess if they would just answer its been sold of still for sale the thread would end anyways its a welcome break :lol: :lol:

I think morpheus has purchased it.

Thank you all for your suggestions !