The infamous error message

Brian ,
after a harrowing experience of why not to mix Roxio’s Goback with Xp’s system restore ( don’t believe them for a second, they are not compatible. the system wouldn’t boot at all. I now believe in the power of prayer) .

I did identify that if I have version 9.40 running I do not get the error but to upgrade to the 9.42 or 9.43 versions I get that error. I think it may have to do with something trying to access the weather talk and when I get the message that WD needs to be shut down, that message comes after the program saves its log files and shuts down. So something is either not releasing its position or taking a new one.

In any case if that is the only thing not behaving and Iam able to uplaod and save data files (logs) I think I should leave things alone and move onward.
All in all, Brian, it is still a masterpiece of software. I think it is best to move along with the versions as you add them and maybe this thing will sort itself out down the road a piece.

For a weather note, tomorrow the high will be 60F and then Thursday 35F. Why me?