The good news ........ and the bad news!

The good news is that the soil temperature reading is now within 1 minute as before it was 5 minutes.

The bad news … for some reason, the graph wil not plot anymore on the main screen. I had this before a while ago and I can’t remember the answer. All I can tell you is that the time changes and scrolls, but the plotted graph does not follow!

that bug was fixed recently andy, please use the latest verison
good news about the soil temp

Brian, I am using the latest version 9.90 :frowning:

check under view, program error log for any errors there

All it says there is:-

Resetting wind/temperature daily value day 31
Resetting rain daily value day 31

if it helps, this happened not on this version, but on v9.89e if I recall.

not sure whats going wrong andy
is the data being logged to the log file?
is the graph file being updated? (i.e the file time/date created/updated stamp)
or if its september already

and or try restarting wd?

Yes, it is writing the file okay. Have just checked date stamp and also have restarted WD as well as rebooting PC!

it might be to do with the start of the month
see what it looks loike in the morning

OK Brian, the month rolls over in 9 minutes time. I’ll let you know then

I have even tried the Graph setup / Graph Reset to clear ALL the graphs, and that does not clear the existing graphs to reset them either!!!

It is now 12.05am, and nothing has changed on the graphs. I now find my august2003.htm has not updated, as the date stamp has remained the same! Have tried the usual - Action/update web files, and did not work either.

Brian, is it worth trying to uninstall Weather Display completely and reinstall it again from scratch. If it is, what files should I keep to ensure I keep:-

a) The history of all my data recordings since the beginning of the year, which will include ALL my all time records.

b) All my set-ups of how I have personalised Weather Display for myself.

It is now 8.30am on the 1st September, and the the time plot has changed correctly, but the graph plot has followed with it and still remains the same.

Hope you are able to sort me out yet again.

andy, your graph looks OK now
because you have it set to display 24 hour (under graph history), with the start of the new month, a new monthly graph file was started
i have it so that it copies across t last months data…
but i have never watched it happen
you should have gone to bed!

it will be Ok now as the new data fills in and there is nothing to worry about

i will look at your log file and the averages/extreme creation from that though for you for august

Brian, I am confused now. The graph I am talking about is on the main screen. The time is showing correctly and slowly scrolling from right to left as time passes, but ALL the graphs within that window do not follow with it and remain static. What you see here has been the same for the last 3 days or so!

By the way, this is the same as my posting as 12.05am, and it now is 9.00am. Feeling very tired, but yes, have been to bed and got some sleep (if you can call it that)

Ah, HA, … I see what you mean now. Have checked the graph history, and changed the plot to main plot 12 hour. I see now what you mean. Looks better. I will see how it goes and let you know.

Yep, that’s okay now. I don’t recall changing the graph settings to 24hour, but there you go!. Not sure about this august2003.htm problem that wouldn’t generate on the midnight rollover. I will let you tonight if it does generate the start of the September one.

I’ve had a similar problem for the last week.

I recently had to move WD to another computer. I took the opportunity to update my version to the latest, and to try a few other WD features. That is when my problems started.

The 12 hour graph on the main display does not work properly. Andy had the best description of the problem. The time scrolls from right to left, but the weather values do not and consequently do not form a graph.

I have also notice a second issue: The Tempature Rate of Change appears to be computed from a fixed starting tempature of around 55F. In order words during the warmest part of the day I’m showing a +40F+ hourly rate of change, whereas just after dawn if maybe a more modest +25F hourly rate of change.

I can change the time span of the graph to either 24 or 48 hours and the graph presents the information normally, howerer the temp rate issue is unaffected.

I’ve tried many of the solutions presented on this thread and others to no avail. The logs appear to be updating normally. I’ve tried restarting WD, and rebooting the computer (several times).

Today, I did notice the following error messages:

ERROR: Access violation at address 006DB865 in module WeatherD.exe read of address 00000000 at time/date…

Note: This error comes up when I’ve restarted WD or rebooted the machine. Sometimes is comes up multiple times a few seconds apart, some times only once. Once it came up with an address of 006DC543, otherwise the message was the same.

The other error message:

ERROR: List Index out of bounds (-1) at time/date 2:08:49 PM 9/1/2003

Note: I’ve only seen this error once.

My equipment: Peet U-2000, WD9.90A, a Dell w/P4 at 2.5GHz, 256MB

I’ve found this fourm very useful in helping use WD, and hope someone can help me solve this problem. I’m not sure if I’ve set something incorrectly or if this is a rare program bug.

I really miss have the tempature rate change. It was great fun watching it drop like a rock during our recent monsoon season in southern Arizona.