The future

What is in the future for WDL?

What would you like to see?



I am using Meteohub and would like to see the extra sensors (e. g. WMR200) to show also the humidity and the possibility to show graphics for them too.
In addition, I would like to be able to place configurable text boxes anywhere on the WDL screen.

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Several users I’ve seen has quite big sites with a lot data being presented at the side of WDL. I myself prefer to keep things within WDL. WDL looks good, doesn’t clutter the webpage and there is only one GUI to learn.

I personally would like to see more options for the graphs. But it is my impression that is not be, because of bandwidth and datastorage considerartions.

My question was simply what we can be looking forward too.

I still think that records pr year and even pr mont would be a good idea, as would indoor temp last 7 and 31 days graph

Can I suggest…

Some resolution of outstanding bug requests, IE 0959 (28-Dec-09)
Prettying up of the X Axis units - 0977 (11-Mar-10)

Some help to raise the profile of Issue 0977 would be great as us poor Aussie folk all have our rain periods all mixed up thanks to the 9am reset and how WD handles this…