Text Editor

I found an issue with my December 2008 log file…when I open it in Notepad I see each line ends with a little square box and then the next line starts there instead of on a new line. I tried doing a replace and that doesn’t insert the linefeed. Does anyone know of an editor that would allow me to replace the square box with the correct code for a linefeed?

You could try Context. I think I’ve used it for things like that before. http://www.context.cx

that will be a carriage return
and would have resulted from the Mac version updating that file
if you copy/paste into say outlook express as a reply email, that makes it look OK

I’m a huge fan of TextPad as data editor (www.textpad.com). The (never ending) evaluation copy (no time limit, no other limits) is free (just a short startup nag screen). If you can, locate version 4.73; that is a VERY stable release (5 series had some issues). I use it every day. If you like it, you will gladly pay for it (it’s cheap) and get a licence, just as I did several years ago.

I was able to het the file to read as expected in notepad using cpntext. And also, WD did not have a problem with the logfile. It was just notepad that didn’t read it as expected. Wordpad did display the file ok. But I was trying to check the file with a logfile checker and the program crashes so I am trying to figure out why. But I do want all my logfiles to be displayed correctly in notepad…