For some reason, when testgas.txt is uploaded to my site and converted to testtags.php it kills my site. Just a blank page. Any suggestions?

It needs to uploaded as testtags.php, the testtags.txt is in WD and converted with all the data by WD before upload.
If you go to Control Panel > Web Files / Web Page / Real Time FTP > Web Files Setup #1 > Bottom of the third box down “Web Table / HTML” and make sure the bottom box has a tick for "Create and upload testtags.txt as testtags.php.

This happens when there is a php-parser error in the generated testtags.php
If you inspect the html of that “blank” page you probably see that there are messages/errors.

Please post that testtags.php file after you renamed is as testtags.php.txt
That way we can read that file and see if we can spot the error line.


I get a HTTP 500 error when trying to visit your testtags


The 500 error is definitely a symptom of a PHP fatal syntax error.

Do make a copy of the c:\wdisplay\webfiles\testtags.php to testtags.php.txt and post that file so we can look. Remote diagnosis is not possible if there’s a PHP syntax error (and resulting 500 HTTP error return).

Hi All
Much appreciated.

I renamed it as advised, testtags.php.txt but comes up with another error

You should add that file as an attachment to your post.
Click on the + Attachements and other options below the text box when you are writing a post.


Thanks. Attached. Appreciate the help

testtags.php.txt (37.5 KB)

Looks like line 565 is causing the problem. It reads as

$mintempovernight =15.8°C': // Minimum temperature 9pm to 9am

so it has two syntax errors. Missing a ’ (single-quote) after the = and ends in a : (colon) not a ; (semi-colon). It should read when converted as

$mintempovernight ='15.8°C'; // Minimum temperature 9pm to 9am

I think that tag is in the alt-dashboard distribution of testtags.txt and should read

$mintempovernight =  '%mintempovernight%';      // Minimum temperature 9pm to 9am

which would parse correctly.

So do I download testgas.txt again and use it?

Are you not able to edit that line?

Yup. Thanks. Wasn’t sure what was best. Thanks again.

If u have trouble email me the file

I changed that line but it was the same anyway on line 565 in testtags.txt. I searched for it in testtags.php on the server, found it at line 1129 and it was this

$mintempovernight =17.8°C': // Minimum temperature 9pm to 9am

and again the site is blank.

Am not following your instructions correctly?
Many thanks for the help.

I went back and made the required changes again, checked it was correct and it is now loading correctly. Many thanks for the help.

Out of interest, how many tags do you need to run a webpage like yours?

At this stage I’m not sure as I’ve only started on it recently. Brian or Ken would know.