Testing 12.8.4's 'snow remembering'

Hi Everybody (especially those of you with snow on the ground!),

I’m eager to test the new snow remembering routine. I’m a bit frustrated at the mment because I “braved” the ice and snow twice yesterday to the school, where the weather station and the computer that does my “official” forecasts is located, to get it set up on there. First, it failed due to the bug in 12.8.3. Now today, it’s not as bad, because at least there’s still snow on the ground in the forecast, but it’s not changing. It’s not melting much (still below freezing) but it should be coming down a couple tenths of an inch per forecast anyway (sunshine will reduce snow cover somewhat even with air below freezing).

On the other hand, all my testing here, doing manual auto runs and manually changing time stamps in localdat.txt or METAR data, shows the feature working perfectly. I’m hoping I just forgot to leave the check box activated on the school computer. (Obviously, remote access to the computer would be ideal, but I haven’t set that up - I need to check into that).

If any of you have snow on the ground, or are expecting snow to accumulate during a forecast, can you test this? Again, in 12.8.4 you will find the check box under Preferences/Settings (and the tab that mentions ‘snow’). I suggest using output menu option #4 in WXSIM, which includes snow depth. Enter initial snow depth at lower right on the main data entry form. Then make sure the new feature is checked. It’s best to run a forecast first so that there’s snow data to read next time … or you can just wait for the second forecast to expect it to ‘kick in’.

Here’s what you should see: say you run a forecast every 2 hours and your first forecast is at 1200, and you put 4 inches of snow on the ground. This forecast has the snow melting so that by 1400, there’s 3.7 inches. Your 1400 forecast should start with 3.7 inches, and continue the melting. You might see the 1600 forecast start with 3.4. Say that forecast predicts snowfall so that by 1800, the snow is predicted to be back up to 4.5 inches by 2000. The 2000 forecast should then start with 4.5 inches. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work!

Thanks for any feedback you can give!


I just ran the baseline run. Temps won’t be above 25F today, but hey, tomorrow, we’ll warm above freezing.


Runned first forecast with 12.8.4 with 35 cm now, no problems :slight_smile:
There are some more snow to come tonight in the forecast so will follow it and lets ee tomorrow how it looks :wink:


It is working correctly for me. Snow has been melting rapidly as the temps have stayed well above freezing for the last day and a half.

A forecast I did yesterday afternoon predicted 3.8" of snow on the ground this morning, after starting with the 4.5" that I entered manually. I just ran another forecast and it did indeed start with 3.8" of snow cover automatically.

Excellent feature!

My autorun just finished. Total decrease from 3" to 2.95". Looks good.

I will check this too and report back. In the meantime, I have to recommend Teamviewer. We use that at school and it has been a GREAT tool.


I try this option but Wxsim forecast are 3 to 5 C cooler than EC and the reality, so i did not use it anymore.

Just wanted to report on: the snow level is decreasing nicely on autorun here. Interestingly, the predicted temperature was never more than .5 degree off during the daytime for me today using the new version.


I must be blind, but I can’t find the input bos for snow depth.



Do you mean the button on the lower right portion of the WxSim main screen?

  • Jim


I think what was confusing me was the message that popped up after I entered the amount of snow. Now that I’ve had another cup of coffee it makes sense. I shouldn’t mess with software before I’m awake :smiley: