Temperature & Wind Trend charts

Sorry Steve / All, my mistook.

I was comparing to Win98, I updated to Windows 2000 Professional. The posting has now been corrected.


Ah, understood. I’m very heavy on W98, and my experience with XP has been less than happy. Is there an actual upgrade that will go W98 to W2K (I recall that NT was on a totally separate track from W9x) or is it just a total reinstall?


Yes, W2K or W2K Pro will do the job, upgrade versions are available. You can do a clean install (lose all data) or upgrade system, including changing the file system format of the Hard Disk to NTFS from that that Win98 support. This save your existing programs (subject to compatibilty) and ALL your WD data.


the good thing about windows 2000 is it does not have the grpahics overhead of XP.
its really NT5

Hmm, how’s its “Blue Screen Of Death” rating vs NT?

I see it’s about $120 for the academic upgrade, so probably worth a try.

Bob, is there a non-Pro version? I don’t see it listed.


I have NEVER seen a BSD with W2K. I have used it on my laptop for about 2 years now without a problem. On the weather station, who knows?

Regarding a base version and not professional, I’m sorry, I don’t know. Maybe if you check the microsoft website that will tell you.


i have yet to get a BSOD myself
and i do all my work on developing wd and testing it and cradshing it in tests etc!
(but i did have truoble initialy trying to use the MB drivers instead of letting windows 2000 use its own drivers it thought best (i had to reinstall)

Thanks guys I’ll give it a try!


Getting back to the point, I’ve also noticed the February2003.html file only contains day 1 and the moths extremes.

Just glad I don’t have to do the fixes :wink:



someone repored that having “let me manage datahtm2.txt” ticked under webfikles, stopped this averages/extreme file from beign updated…
i need to test that out

but you should be able to recreate that file (which is Ok for me), under view, averages/extreme, reset averages/extreme for web page (acroll down, and select month 2)

Ah that worked, thanks , took a bit of time to find the button at the very bottom



hey, thats good news!
you will need to upload that file to your website (use manual ftp upload), if you have a web page in use,

hi all,

have no values for ‘this month’ since a week or what
dont know exactly when it starts happening sorry

other statistics are ok …

oh well, must have something to boring about, lives goes on here …peacely…

humm, mine is gone too…most likely a end of month glitch
i will keep an eye on it for the new month

I’ve noticed the same, but hadn’t got round to reporting it.



Yes I have the same, and the Temperature and Wind trend is acting strange. No weather for the 30th but 25mm of rain for the 1st April !!!




Got the last month hi/lo’s back after the month roll over with WD 9.69d


Solved part of the problem , March has 31 days Doooh!!

Still have no weather for the 30th though in Temperature & Wind chart.

And 25mm of rain for the 31st when it was a dry and sunny day.



Values are back again see topic above here

Hi all,

notification: values over the month disappeared again at vers 9.70d :!:
see trend box above …

and is it correct I have no values for rain at month/year ?