Temperature & Wind Trend charts


There seems to be a problem with February, or has it now got 30 days.

I can send a screen shot if you want to see what I am getting. Also we got 25mm of rain and loads of wind yesterday (28th Feb) but the trend bars are only showing a couple of mm.




My charts show a normal 28days…what version are you using? The charts don’t finish until your update time is reached I believe. What time do you reset?
:?: Jon

I am seeing some issues on the trends chart.

I am seeing problem in the last 24 hours where the Barometer is +1023.5 Hpa and the Dew point is +113.6 oF. Wow that a major change!!! This may be due to the problem I had with the month change over and graph spikes I saw at the midnight reset / month change.


My trends had a +115.4*f dewpoint in the “last 24 hr” column, after the midnight-month change-over. As of now, all of the “last 24 hr” readings are completely blank!..is WD looking for Feb. 31st or something? :? (BTW: using 9.61e)

I am still using the “old” 9.61c and sounds like I better stay there …at least till our fearless leader/dairyman/parent/weatherman/software guru/ etc.etc. :wink: gets back from singing Happy Birthday to you…
:slight_smile: Jon


Thanks for the replys, I’m using version 9.61e. It changed over to March Last night 00:00 02/02/03. The feb trends are still showing 30 days, and the rainfall is wrong and for the 28th its showing 22 oC which would have been nice to have, curiously the auto print report ran 00:00 27/02/03.

If you go to

http://www.bacwak.net/html/february2003.htm you can see what I mean, also the date is 0 2003, but if you check the file is called windtempraintrend22003.gif & the graph is called windtempraintrend3d22003.gif

Is it me ?



Just to update…trends are OK now. The 24 hr readings are back now.

I am now definitely in March. I was worried, didn’t know if I was coming or going there for a while!!

Still got issues with values and dates though…

Record Low -0.0oF This is not southern Virginia
Record High barometer 67829.3mb This must be Jupiter
Record Rain in 1 hour 38.1 in at 32:00 on Mar 00 2003 No Neptune

Where am I and what day is this!!! 8O :?


Wow, it’s getting more incredible

Warmest Mrch temperature -148oF 2003
Coldest March temoerature 212oF 2003


i dont have those problems at all Bob (you can reset these values) with my all time records
this months all time records: for me,the rain rate and rain for day reset once i had some rain…same will appply to wind…

re the temp/wind/rain trend:
i too dont have the 28th being shown
the data is there…
so its not lost, but wd now does not show it (i fixed it not showing it when it was not the 28th, but i over fixed it)

It all seems to work for me! My All Time records and my Monthly records look correct. The Averages/Extremes for day 28 is there also in the Daily Report for February.

I see a minor glitch with that Average/Extreme for Day: 31 at the beginning of the Daily Report for February but I assume that’s a copy of the data for January 31. Not a problem.

All my data rolled over perfectly.

i think its some problems with the beast (the ws2010 data logger) and the unique way wd has to handle data arriving every 3 minutes


I’m using a wm918 so thats not the whole problem




I also have a thought about this. I had the reboot option selected and the time set for seven minutes after midnight. If the reboot started during the roll-over process and maybe during the receiving of data and the reboot option didn’t automatically save before closing WD, then there is likely to be a problem. Just my 2 cents worth.

However, it also seems that this is not just isolated to the WS2010 according to Keith.


As the day goes on I keep thinking of different things.

I don’t have auto reboot on , just reboot every few days when I run low on memory (512Mb). I have rebooted today, and that did not fix the problem :?

The log files are correct :slight_smile:

To make matters worse i’ve screwed up my website, last month I used 9gb of bandwidth, what with a webcam and Weather Display running so I’m also trying to reduce that. :cry:



I did find something odd related to this…on my NOAA report I am missing the 27 of Feb…checked my log files and could only get up to the 22…went to real time graphs and all 28days seem to be there. Everything else is working great though :slight_smile:

there is a few glitched with the roll over for the month i need to fix, yes
the all time records for month to date:
some things like rain and wind only get updated as they are recorded above zero
but i can fix by setting the start vaslue to less than zero

robeert, yes, setting a reboot to close to after midnight might not be such a good idea…
how is windows 2000 going for you now?

Hi Brian,

W2K professional has made an amazing difference to the stability of WD and my computer.

Initially, I avoided upgrading to W2K as my Computer, an NEC Z1 is a bit unique. It is an all-in-one design and has a 15" LCD display. I thought I would have problems with drivers for the display and the integrated video adaptor. Also, the system has a PIII 450MHz processor and 256K of RAM. I thought that the upgrade would slow the system down even more that WD did and this was going to agravate the problems I was having.

I should have upgraded a year ago. I used standard windows drivers and they appear to be OK and S3 my video system had drivers for W2K. My system is actuall FASTER now than with Win98 . W2K use of RAM is more efficient, the hard disk read and write times seem much improved and WD works much more smoothly and efficiently, including the ftp functions.

To those of you running Win98, you should consider upgrading to W2K. The difference is well worth the effort and cost. I am also certain it would make Brians life much easier also.


{edited quote} W2K professional has made an amazing difference to the stability of WD and my computer.

My system is actuall FASTER now than with W2K. W2K use of RAM is more efficient, the hard disk read and write times seem much improved and WD works much more smoothly and efficiently, including the ftp functions.



Sorry I’m confused. I thought W2K came 4 flavors, Pro, Server, Advanced server, and Datacenter server. So what are you running now, and what version of W2K is it faster than?