Temperature / Wind Speed Correlation

I’m not sure if this is a bug (since no one else seems to be reporting it), or if I’ve got something configured wrong.

My current temperature is jumping around in direct correlation to the wind speed. I.e., the wind speed gusts up, the temperature dips down and vicea-versa.

I would expect the wind-chill temperature to do this, but not the main temperature display. This is also reflected in the temperature graph on the right-hand side of the main display.

Anyone else seeing this, or know of a configuration problem I might have? If not, then I suppose it could be a hardware problem (Dallas 1-wire).

BTW, using software version 9.40c.



now thats weird!
i can think why it is doing that!
i have not had any other reports of that…

I believe this turned out to be a hardware problem.

I took my station down to investigate and noticed a terminal on a junction block I created for my sensor wiring had signifigant rusting on it. I’ve cleaned it and put everything back up and things seem better. Now if only today was as windy as yesterday…