Temperature Trend

There are only 11 months shown on the graph - which one is missing - I suspect December

Brian do you intend to update this graph so that all 12 months are shown please ?

Any thoughts on the missing month Brian ?

Mine seems to work fine.

But ther are not 12 months shown in the graph, only 11

any progress on modifying this so that all 12 months are plotted please ?

It would be nice to have all 12 months shown on this graph

A month’s data is represented by single point not by a curve flowing day to day, month to month.

For 12 months, you need 12 data points.

I see all of those there - so nothing is missing.

On your graph, it seems you do not have a January 2008 value.


well thanks for that
yes Jan 2008 is missing.
Gee it has taken sometime for the answer, It now makes sense
Thanks again