Temperature Heartbeat on ver 9.90b

Installed 9.90b last night and immediately I started getting a heartbeat like pattern on the main screen temperature graph. This is a new behavior for my system, anyone else seeing this on the beast, Lacrosse ws2010?

The graph of this behavior can be seen on my webpage…


No I haven’t seen this behavior, however I may have been some ‘local interference’. Are you using a wireless weather station.

I also noticed you said you are using v9.90b. Your web page contradicts this and is reporting you using v9.85e.

Cheers, Bob

it seems to have settled down…

I reinstalled 9.85 this morning after observing the heartbeat problem.

Later I noticed that the problem does not show up on the graphs sent to my webpage, but it did exist on the main display graphs.

The issue was first seen since installing 9.90b last night. I have a screen shot of the behavior at home (I am at work right now) that I made this morning. I tried to link the image to this post, but I can’t figure out how to put an image into posts on this forum. Therefore, I pointed to my webpage assuming that the graphs would be the same as what I see on the monitor. Whoops, not true.

If interested, I could email out the screen shot. Or, maybe someone could help me with posting images to the forum.

yes, I got this heartbeat graph about from version 9.89 I think. Wasn’t too bothered about it, but since I have no upgraded to v9.90 and v9.90b, this has not reoccured.

OK, found the posting info for images in the FAQ. Here is the image I recorded of the heartbeat, FYI.

see how it always goes to the same value, and seems to happen at a certain time too…

anyone else with a ws2010 see this?
I now have a ws2010 data logger here, so i will try and get that going…

humm, the bit about on the screen its no good, but the web graphs (you mean current24hour) must be a clue…

i am sure we have had this happen before.///

what do you plot on the main screen, 12, 24 or 48 hour?

I display 12hrs on the main graph.

I cant say I am sure that the webpage graphs had the problem or not. As I think about it, I reinstalled 9.85 and it might have rewritten the webpage before I saw it. Could that have corrected the heartbeat?

zip and email me your latest.inf file and your month92003.inf data files

running the older verison, you would think it would still show on the web graphs back in time…

Yes, using the Graph History feature, the main graph does show the heartbeat data that I observed this morning. Since going back to 9.85e, the temp data graph looks correct.

I will send the files you requested shortly.

Thanks, Kevin

I’ve had exactly the same effect on screen graphs aages ago after I looked back over some bad data in the graph history. As long as I didnt look at the bad day everything else stayed ok
When I fixed the log file and did a convert log to graphs all was fine…

This is interesting… I started seeing the same bug today (Ver9.90b), only my spikes are going downward… in the opposite direction! 8O

Evenly spaced and to the same value… 5 “dashes” apart and reading at about 79 degrees (Temp) on the 12 hour graph.

It does show on the web graph.



I just installed 9.90b (well I am assuming it is that version as the main screen gives a date of Sept 1 but the download page says Sept 4) - and immediately saw some sort of spike in the Humidty/rainfall graph. However, the program became totally non-responsive after this (was attempting to open the Action menu for the other problem you are working on) - after 10 minutes I had to try and close the program and simply got a Windows error dialog - Program Not Responding and then the program shut down (but took another 5 minutes to do it).

Reinstalled 9.90 and running OK again but with NO SPIKE shoing in the graph - so whatever is causing it must be dynamic.

these spikes are with a ws2010 station…
something that I have upset, and have not had time to find out why yet…
(had to take the kids to playcenter this morning)
i will look at this this afternoon and try and find out why…
actualy, i think i know why…
hold the phone

I am holding - gets heavy after a while :slight_smile:

what verson did this start happening in guys?
(racetime, not sure what is going wrong with your one)

Brian, Not to worry - think mine may be the data problem you are looking at, so don’t fret too much at this stage…

kfarm, your screen shot looks ok at the moment on your web page…

zip and email me your latest.inf file

are the 24/48 and 72 hour grpahs affected?
is it still there after restarting the program?

i am away tomorrow, kids birthday, so i only have what is left of today to try and fix this

ah ha
i have it
its the adding in of the miss the log file log every 30 minutes to reduce the size of the log file
its affecting the ws2010 only!