Temperature Graph Scale

Brian Take a look at this please


The temperature plot is off scale

Mines off the chart today.

Only good for 3/12/2003

Mines off the chart today.

Only good for 3/12/2003

Oh yeah, mine was too earlier. I had to manually scale the temperature scale because it didnt do it on its own…

I thought that was why Brian included a ‘manual’ adjustment. Autoscaling is OK, but when you are addressing multiple parameters it can be possible for one set to have priority over other.

I do not see this as a major issue when the user can manually adjust, more of an irritation.


I agree Bob…for quite a few versions I couldn’t manually lift or lower the temp lines, but now it works great and as far as I’m concerned an inconvenience not worth mentioning. In fact its great our weather is like it is today 74 degrees!! Spring has sprung.
:slight_smile: Jon

becuase WD has fixed scales (which makes it better to compare movements in data comared to another set of data), (and wd does have the true auto scale graphs), sometimes the scale movement is not enoguh…and so i have added the half scale function…but the temperature change over the graph has to be more than 30oC…i.e the full graph height…then the half scale function should work
(o.e the line goes off the top, but the lowest line is not starting at the bottom)
SO, if you had a bit larger temp movement, then it should have auto half scaled…

if you think it has not, zip and email me your latest.inf file, from the folder datafiles

Jon/Bob I agree that this is a non issue as well and personally I have never adjusted the scale. I was just giving supporting evidence to Wetbulb_guy. :smiley:

Seems like there are times when the lift/lower temp lines function does not work, but I cannot repeat the behavior. Using 9.62c and it worked the other day.

Here in Colorado, like many areas away from the influence of oceans, we have significant temp extremes on most days.

The temp graph seems to be trying to autoscale for both dew point and temp data graphs. However, with high temps comes very low humidity, therefore the dew point graph goes off-scale on the bottom while the temp data is going off-scale at the top.

I would prefer that weather display should auto-scale based on temp data only and let dew point land where-ever it lands.

I have yet to see the “half scale” function. What revision of WD was this added?

I hear what you’re saying but I’ve been using DIA’s humidity lately in place of my station which does not have humidity and when the humidity is down in the single digits and the temp is up in the 60’s and 70’s, you can’t find the dew point line.
BTW, I don’t know where you are in CO but I am up in the Conifer area where it is snowing like crazy and NOAA is callling for 5’-6’ before it stops on Weds. Drought, did someone mention drought?