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Greetings all ,
This is not a major ,
I have been unable to “Lift” or “Lower” the temp and dew point graphs for quite a few updates? , anything I can do? .

Jim Philip

are you using the offset under setup, units? (i will add units and other offsets to the menu name :slight_smile:

aloso, zip and email me yoy file latest.inf from her datafiles folder
wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt

Brian, I was going to bring this to your attention also…except today the temp/dew/rain/ graph lines lifted automatically. I tried also last few versions to get the temp line to raise (my temp line was up into my direction graph) LOL warm weather to blame!! I don’t know if I have ever got the temp line to adjust manually …like the baro does, but it usually automatically changes after a few days…

what i need to do is when the temperature varies by more than 30oC in the time span of 12 hours, halve the readings (and double the scale i.e so it shows a 60oC variation in scale)
easier said that done, but it needs doing!

Yes, sometimes here the weather will change as much as 40 degees F in a few hours…my relatives in Alberta CA have recorded changes in 12 hrs from 5 deg C to -40 deg C or visa versa…LOL talk about climate shock!
:slight_smile: Jon

at least the autoscale graphs handle it correctly!

FYI, Picnher Creek Alberta has recorded the fastest temp swing ever - IIRC, it was 36 or 39 C in ONE HOUR! In 1989, Calgary reocred 39C in about 12 hrs.