Temperature and Wind Trend 3D graph

Hi Brian,
I really like the 3D graph which compares temperature and wind of the current month with the same month last year. There is a minor glitch. The temp and windspeed for last year and the windspeed for this year are all graphed at the 0 point when there is no data available, but the temp for this year is graphed at -20C when there is no data available. Can you make this the same as the other 2 for consistency.


thanks for the thanks by the way, i appreciate that :slight_smile:

Where do you find these “3D” graphs?

2 places

under view/averages/extreme
scroll down…
and under view, temp/wind/rain trend
scroll down (this one compares to the same month last year)

there is also a new 3dpie.gif image created daily for the averages/extreme as well