Temperature accuracy

Not true…

ASOS reports temperature and dewpoint in tenths of a degree celcius. AWOS reports it in whole degrees.

Check the remark (RMK) section of the METARs. The ASOS stations will have a “T” grouping followed by 8 numbers. The first 4 are temp…the next 4 are dew. The first digit of each 4 number grouping is either a 1 “minus” or 0 “positive”. The next 3 are the temp.

T01061044 would be a temp of +10.6C (51F) and a dew of -4.4C (24F).

AWOS would have no “T” group and just the 11/M04 in the body of the ob as you mentioned. A lot of the smaller midwest stations are AWOS type while most larger airports use ASOS.

Dendrite is quite correct :slight_smile:

Does anybody have an idea where one could get a solar fan that doesn’t cost much that would fit in my home made stevenson screen?



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That looks good.

I just grabbed an old computer fan and a cheap 12v solar panel from the local electronics shop. Worked a treat.

What about at night? you have a battery for nightime?

I hardly think the radiation from the stars and moon is going to make a significant error, is it?

actualy you can miss out on getting cold enough on a still clear frosty night, becuase of a lack of air movement to move the always getting cold air through the instrument shelter :wink:

Looks like it would fit nicely on the top of those stevenson screens made out of bowls. And at $21 they won’t break the bank.

Yes, if it’s 7" diameter that’s a decent sized solar cell.

Let us know how it works out for you, so I can include it on my Stevenson Screen page. :slight_smile:

Looks like it should work…I guess really depending on how large “saucers” you use for the Stevenson shield, as niko said.

Good job finding that…I have never seen anything like that before. :slight_smile:


I ordered one and I’ll take a shot at converting a non-FARS, ISS retrofit, VP1 :slight_smile:

Good idea. Let me know how it works…Just be careful when cutting the shield plates open! :wink:


You have a VP2, that’s a lot different construction. You’ll have to wait for the movie :lol:

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I also ordered one today. I will let you know how it works out! They also have a version that has a AAA NIMH back-up battery, but when it runs off of the battery, it will only run for 10 minutes at a time up to 10 times if the battery will last and it is a bit bigger, just over 8 inches in diameter. Plus it is $99 instead of 21. 8O

I used 10 inch terra pot bowls, so it should fit nicely. It took some digging to find it though. :slight_smile:


Are these really (clay) pots? If so, I wouldn’t have thought they would be very good as a shield. They will heat up in the sun and then hold the heat releasing it after the sun goes away (try touching a brick wall that’s been in the sun for hours).