Temperature 3912C? on Chart

Woke up this morning, Had a look at the realtime Graph, and for the past few hours it’s Showing a Temperature of around 3912C When it’s -20.1C Outside.

Version is 9.59b

The current weather conditions show the proper temperature, it’s just the Realtime Graph that is Way Off. Any idea what’s causing this?

set the low temp threshold to less than -20 (bottom right hand corner of the real time graph)

I tried that Windy, but that puts the REAL Data WAYYYY Out of whack. Is there another fix?

Also my chart, on the main page, at the bottom is not reading correctly. It’s -26.1C Right now, and on the chart, it’s showing about -12C

The current conditions Data is correct.

Version is 9.61. Thanks in advance.

if you clear the records…
or use the red down arrow on the real time graph to be able to view the lower readings.

wow, -26 is cold!
zip and email me your latest.inf file and month22003.inf file
from the folder datafiles

Thanks for the offer Windy, your busy enough, I won’t bog you down with solving little problems for me :smiley:

Upgraded to Version 9.61D and the Graph History Problem has gone away. It seems it was a Scaling problem.

The Realtime Graph However, only messes up Below -20C I Played with the threshhold and when it’s adjusted, the whole thing goes out of whack. I Can live with this, It’s not Below -20 That often. Still, its Puzzling.

after changing the low threshold, clear the records, to let it find its new level
also, using the far right hand side up/down arrows, you can view the lower readings

winds cale:
yeah, i think i have 99% of the new scaling routines for barometeer, windspeed and temperature fixed now

thanks to everyone for putting up with me

Thanks for the speedy reply Windy, I Just changed it to -25 and Reset. Will post back with results. Appreciated.

Yep, that solved it. GREAT, 2 problems fixed at the same time :smiley:

Thanks a lot.