Temp Scale Bug on Webpage graph, display in deg F

With version 9.85b, I see the temp scale on the webpage rendering of the main weather display temp graph has a problem. The scale reads from bottom to top… 32, 46, 63, 77, 91, 198, 122 in deg F. The 198 maybe should be 108?

To see this, check my webpage…


The temp scale is correct on my PC monitor.

well, in the code the value is reloaded from the ini file at startup
do you have anything under view, program error log after a restart? :microwave:

No messages at all in the view-Program error log.

If you need, I can email a couple screen shots.[/img]

this reply was to wetbulbs daily wind run
your reply shoukld have been
yes, you were right
i have fixed it
uploading a fresh version now

Great Brian, you are the best.

I figured this would be an easy one, just a typo somewhere in the code.

Best, Kevin


grab a new 9.85e now
also, i need to align the numbers slightly better too

The graph label is now fixed, of course. I installed 9.85e and it has worked fine, no graph flatlining.

One thing odd, the weather display webpage graphs which show graph history data for the past 2 and past 3 days are not displaying data prior to the moment I installed 9.85e. It is like the program is not able to read the history in the log files.


I saw this once before when I upgraded to a new version, but not every time I have upgraded. Not a big deal really.