Temp Min & Max errors HELP PLEASE

Hi all.

For some strange reason my Minimum and Maximum temps seem wrong.

at the moment my min temp is 1000C and max is -100C ???

This is in extreme weather on main page.

Any help please.


those values that are set way high or way low so that they get reached easilyt
so, first, what weather station type?
next, check the date/time and most importantly, the year, is correct on your PC

Hi Windy

Thanks. This is all OK i have the Oregon WM918.

I have noticed another problem. At top of the screen (blue) it says
“Weather Display 10.19s - Client (comm port disconnected)”

Allthough all is updating to ftp 100% the WD software is not actually updating from the WM918.

Com port 1 is selected and i have run com port checks and is working 100%.
So i guess its down to a setting?

I have uninstalled completely WD and rebooted PC and installed again.

Still same problem


Think I sorted it out now. I had a switch in the FTP area switched on.

Just a quick question. How do i remove the WINDRUN setting from main screen. I can’t seem to find which setting it is.


like the (use the clientraw.txt file from this location) switch?

wind run
its in the units/extra setup

Hi Windy.

Excellent. Yes to your first.

And the 2nd now sorted thank you.

Now another little problem. The extra moon data will not show on my website. I have selected in Control Panel, Web Files, Upload Extra Moon Details.

But nothing on my web page.



you will need to add the html code to show it
do that to the datahtm3.txt file for instance
(just copy the html code format that is already there to show a another image)