Temp graph will not begin at 0C

The temperature graph will not begin at 0C. Using the Lift or Lower Temp menu request starts the graph from -5C or +5C but not 0C. (Each action to lift or lower moves the graph start point by a 5C delta.)

This was not a problem until I installed the “indoor” temp probe. (My indoor temp probe is actualy the temp probe inside the AAG weather vane housing which always reads high in the sun.)

So… the main temp probe and the indoor prob track more or less evenly until the actual temp approaches 0C and the main temp graph reading started at -5C and the “indoor” temp graph reading started at 0C. The two graphs no longer track to the same scale and this makes it more difficult to read.

Now, to complicate (or clarify) things a bit further. When the 48 hr and 72 hr graphs are produced for the web site, they do have a 0C lower point. The 24 hr and 12 hr graphs do not.

It would be nice to
a) allow the main temp scale to begin at 0C
b) force both scales to be the same all the time.

I’m using WD9.92b on an Athlon 1GHz PC with Win ME, 512M ram, AAG 1-wire weather station and AAG external temp probe.

Thanks for a great app. (I wish I could propose a solution for the download hack.)

ok, zip and email me your latest.inf and month102003.inf file when its like this, and the file wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt

WD9.92d addresses my concerns.
Thank you, Brian, for awesome response time!