Temp Display ws-2310

Me again. Had a very low temperature last night. The software displayed 16 degrees which it seemed to be locked at all other displays were correct. Actual temperature was around 4F which was displayed correctly on the ws-2310. I did a reboot and checked all connections now the temp displayed seems to be locked at 32F all other displays are correct. Awhile back I did a temp correction that I later returned to 0 which is displayed in the correction box I did no other corrections which leave the other boxes cleared. I don’t know if the 0’s that are displayed in the correction box have anything to do with the overall temp display problem. It seems now that this whole problem didn’t begin until I had put in a temp correction. The wrong temp readings are also uploaded as such.



the ws2310 i have only supported recently, and so it looks like at very low temperatures it does not work correctly

I will try and fix for the next version

Brian your hard work and attention is really appreciated

new vers, 9.36d, ready now, leet me know how it goes

Hi Brian. Temps were looking fine when I noticed my humidities on the base station fall into the ground. Both indoor and outdoor. This seemed really strange so I gave it a few hours and checked connections all other displays were correct. I finally called LaCrosse and they said to ship the base station and thermo-hygro sensor to them and they would replace free of charge. Makes me wonder maybe part of the temp problem could have been hardware. Let you know when I get set up again how Weather-Display does with the new units.


there is a problem i know with a barometer reading over 1032 hpa and WD that i need to fix!