Temp and wind min/max like from another planet

I’ve been testing Weather Display out with my new La Crosse WS-2310 and it was working great for a couple of days. I reset my base station and restarted WD, now everytime WD starts up I get a constant wind reading of 56.8 mph (I don’t even have the anemometer setup) and Max. temperature: -148.0 F and Min. temperature: 212.0 F!!!???

I deleted WD from my computer and reinstalled it and the #'s still come up. All of the readings on my WS-2310 base unit are correct. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!


you can reset the all time records under actiaon, reset selected all time records, reselect all.

I have the ws2310 working great (i have one here now), so not sure why you got those strange values…

The number you are getting for windspeed when there is no windspeed attached sounds like that number is a default error number sent from the weather station…


also, to restart over with a clean slate, not only delete all the folder and sun folders, but delete the file wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt