TED setup

I seem to be having some problems setting up my TED device. I have the ip address and the port set and can access the data from a web browser that is on the same machine as WD so i know my firewall settings are good. I am looking in the tab under advanced/misc settings and don’ t see any data changing.
Also, assuming that i get this working, how can i show the data on the graphs on the main screen. And please be gentle, i am a newb at WD. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

I now have the data showing in the setup but i still am working on the graphing…

try , in the graph setup, to plot extra temp 7 (or 8 or 9) instead of say indoor temperature…and then also change the scale for that their too

I don’t understand how to setup the extra sensor 7 to begin with i don’t think.

Also how do i make the extra temp sensor read degrees f intead of degrees c?

bump… The graph label always reads extratemp7. Is there somewhere to change that.? Also, the graph displays the ted kwh as degrees f instead of the actual kwh. How can i fix this? Obviously, i am doing something wrong.

There are a lot of problems with this as far as i can tell…

1.) Plotting extra temp 7 plots the value of TED’S kwh as temperature in degrees f. (I use farenheit for my temps.) I don’t see any way to change the reading to degrees centigrade just for extra temp 7.

2.) If you do this as you mention, you don’t seem to be able to change the label on the graph to something other than extratemp7.

3.) Using custom tags on the main display to show %tedkwh%, only allows that text to appear in the same font as the labels.

yes, the different types of units is a problem
I could instead add option to plot on say the extra sensor real time graph?

What would really be nice is if you could find a way in offsets that you could enter a formula that would calculate the offset rather than entering it directly. i.e. As an offset for extratemp7, for example, you could enter a temp. conversion to centigrade…