Talking Weather-Error within WD

The following error is now appearing in Version 9.35 (as well as 9.35a) when I do a “view error log” from within WD:

ERROR The Active property must be true before the Speak method can be called

This is running on a IBM ThinkPad 600X-Crystal sound on WinXP Pro
I’m not encountering any other problems even if I play a DVD or any other sound file, just with WD. So consequently I’m not getting my ‘talking.wav’ file. One appears to be out there, file size of 0 and that’s as far as it goes. I can’t get it to speak within Setup and I’m running with the latest drivers, including the SAPI runtime drivers(for XP).

I have not been able to get it to work. I have windows xp home. I downloaded the drivers and all the goodies and it won;t work for me. perhaps it is that female voice doesn’t want to do battle with the wife.

Have you looked under View/Error Log to see if you’re getting the same error or any other problems. If I use the MS, it gives all kind of stuff, error exceptions at address locations, then I switch it over to the Crystal and I get the error previously reported. I even have it setup to run every 10 minutes so as not to overlap due to CPU slowness. :cry:

it isn’t even working with the speech drivers. Silence. Oh well

Something isn’t meshing . I have the drivers and the speech drivers downloaded and installed, but it isn’t working. I can live with this .
But it is a curiosity. Dang, lost the vp signal again. gotta go :roll:

:smiley: I went back into the program reloaded all the recommended drivers and the British English and now it works. Also I see that it uploads to the web site as well.

It seems to cut off abruptly, though. perhaps an end message option might take the edge off it or something. Of course as Dad always told me , it it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Then off to the hardware store we went to get fixing parts, because we broke it.

Joe :roll:

Did a complete reset to the voice setup, then re-downloaded both the voice(this time British-English) plus the SAPI. Then reloaded the drivers again, then setup the voice and the Crystal sound and low and behold it is working, for now :? including the sound file being generated. Will see how long it goes this time.

for some reason or another the default player, windows media, would not recognize the wav file and listed it as an error. I rebooted same thing so I used the system restore and re did things. I think this particular error is a microsoft one, not wd.

Anyway, it is something to do while the turkey is waiting for the turkey.

Have to agree it isn’t WD, but MS. I had the same problem with MS, then it seemed to really hose things up until a complete reload of the drivers, then selected my Crystal sound, and this time it is still going, and going…

10-4 on the gobble-gobble…

I notice that after I set my weathertalker and CLOSE that window, the settings tend to go to the off position. So I minimize the window and I am fine.

What closes is the talk on and file on. Is it supposed to do this?

OR am I to minimize that screen? I do have it saved with the save button.

Which brings on item 3, some of the "buttons" are sticky and the stop doesn't work, so I have to end the program and start over.

make sure you click on save settings joe

also, dont leave the MS media player running/active/open
that will cause problems

having the program error log is good, as it shows the time of error, etc, and not more pop up boxes to click away

it was a neat trick, a global application error trap :slight_smile:

dont eat oo much turkey

we have wild turkeys on the farm here, but dont eat them or have thanks givign in this country!

the turkey’s here are not too smart, kind of have the intellegence bred out of them.
Big worry, the furnace won’t start so we are waiting for the repair guy.

Glad to know about the player settings. I will keep all that in mind.

gobble, gobble.

:?: :?: A real puzzler here and I’m not sure why or what is happening with the MP3 file generation using WD’s Lame processing.

I have the two systems, Test and Live. Both are running XP Pro and the same version of WD; Test is a desktop system and the Live is a IBM 500Mhz portable( I did replace my 133mhz portable as WD was getting too heafty for it to keep up). They are setup identically for WD with the exception of uploading to APRS & WU on the Test system.

Here’s the problem: The Test system will generate a Lame MP3 file on its own, the Live box doesn’t. (I have my own batch file that will Lame the wav file over to an MP3 file-which works ok). My goal is to eliminate the extra batch job that has to run and I’m not able to due to the fact when I shutdown the Lame batch processing, the Live system won’t create one. I have ticked on the Live system to use the Lame process to create an MP3 file in the Talking setup. Timing is 10 minutes.

I’ve watch the Live system run and I see the talking.wav being generated, then the newtalking.wav being put into place, but that’s it. On my Test system, I see the same, as well as the new MP3 being generated.(and I don’t have any Lame batch process running on my Test system).

Any clues:?: I’m already too gray and almost hairless now and not much more to pull out.

the windows media player returns after a while, that it doesn’t recognize the format of the wav file produced. I can play any other wav file but not one produced by this program.

What I have to do is to backup the wd files, and go to restore at a few days earlier to get things working again.

very odd, are they not both of the same structure wav files .

when that happens, what is the file size?
and try deleting the .wav files wd produces
i am not getting this problem here…

I know this is confusing. The talkingnew.wav is around 1097 file size. My talkingnew.mp3 never changes if I have my own batch job that runs Lame NOT running.

Live system:
The talking.wav file I see sits there for a short at 0 length, then talkingnew.wav is created within seconds and talking.wav disapprears until the next scheduled time. If the batch job of mine isn’t running the talkingnew.mp3 file size remains the same. This is all on my Live system.

Test system:
On the otherhand, my test system, when the talkingnew.wav is created, immediately I see the talkingnew.mp3 gets updated. (I’m not running my Lame batch job at all on this system)

would you go to my site and see if you hear the file?

i have fixed it
i was having the same problem

working now (it was that the new file was copied from the original, and then then convert to mp3 format was done
but a delay was needed
added that now
ver s9.35c, uploadgin now

9.35c ready now

Sorry to report, 9.35c isn’t generating the MP3 file either.

it is for me
do you have lame.exe where you have WD installed?