I can’t for the life of me seem to figure out how to use tags like %temp% in my web page. Right now I’m using the wdfulldata.xml file, but would like to try to use %temp% among others.

What am I missing? When I ftp a page to the web site, instead of getting the values in the html I get the tags.

Help. :?

Make sure that you have set whatever page you want the tags to show up on in the File Creation and Upload Times in WD.


Are you using customized webpages, ie. wxlocal.htm ? If not you need to tell WD to allow tags in the normal webpages that WD creates. Look on the web page setup screen for the tick box to allow the tags in the datahtmX files. If you have more questions just fire away.

Would that be under Control Panel…Web files/web page setup…I want to use custom tags in my web page?

Just to get a feel for how they work, make an HTML page and name it wxlocal.html. Start out very simply, put in a line that says "The temperature is %temp%. Then under control panel, Web Files/Web Page, go to Custom Web Page Setup and turn the feature on. The next time your web pages are updated, you should end up with a page named wx.html, and it should show your entered text, but substitute the then current temperature for the tag. You can use the WSYWIG Web Page HTML feature under control panel to make the page, or even Notepad; you’ll want to make sure the page has the necessary HTML tags in it like , and so forth.

Sounds right to me. At work now so I can’t check.

Got it, guys. Thanks.

WD does so much sometimes it is a bit difficult to find what you want. Great program, though.