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This isn’t so much a suggestion for WD as it is for the forum. I see a lot of questions concerning tags, when they were last updated, etc. It might be helpfull if there’s a note with a sticky thingy on it so it stays on top of, say, the WD Questions forum, that contains a link to the most recently updated tag list. Most folks, like I do, extract the entire WD update to the WD folder and get the new tag list automatically but it appears many don’t. Also, the tag list may be improved/modified between releases and folks could have access to the tags right away. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:



Unless you have the most recent version some new tags may not work for you and that could possibly cause some confusion issues if someone goes and looks at the Most uptodate tagslist and is still using an older version of WD…

just my two cents opinion :wink:


when I do add more tags, I include the tagslist.txt with the zip download…(unless I forget!)

But it would be fine, having a short information here, cause not everybody is updating every day a new version.
(mostly it is also a question of costs…)

Thank you!

The tag list would need to be re-built to publish it in this way. At the moment the taglist.txt in your WD directory includes the tags that will work in the version of WD that you have installed. It doesn’t tell you which version of WD the tag was added in though. So if you were to look in an on-line tag list and see that


is available, you’ve no way of knowing whether it will work in the version you have installed. You could check in your own taglist, but I suspect that some people will look at the online list, try to use it and then report a bug because it doesn’t work. Brian will then spend more time responding to bug repots and have less time to add new tags. The only way to re-work this is to go through all the existing tags and record the version that they work in and then make sure the version is always added when a new tag is added to the list. That’s a huge task.

Could you explain the “cost” to you of updating WD :?

Yep, only a matter of time before someone insists on that one being added :roll:

[quote author=nikoshepherd

I assume you don’t mean a cable modem. Cable modems are broadband devices, so even if you have the slowest possible speed (256k/s) a download of the full WD package would only take 10 minutes. I guess you’re using a normal 56k phone modem, which would take around 60 minutes for a WD download. It also appears that phone charges in Austria are 2.5 times the cost in the UK. 10 hours of 56k modem downloads in the UK would cost around 10 Euro. I always thought the UK was expensive, but it appears that some places are even worse off 8O

Whoa! That’s expensive 8O

yes. of course I am using a 56 k modem - indeed.