Sunshine hours stopped working

Last week I put build 147 on a couple of my units and all seamed ok with the sunshine hours but in April they have gone wrong on the 1st it showed No sunshine hours dispite 4.4 being shown on build 101 so had to manually input it
I put build 145 back on 1 unit
The other unit I have to keep adjusting the sunny percentage to 50 instead of the 75
I have tried build 148 but that made no difference
What I have noticed is the max solar line is not in same position it used to start at sunrise and end at sunset it now starts about an hour before sunrise and stops about an hour after sunset it’s as if the max solar thinks it’s a different month.
I have checked my lat/long several times and they are correct
Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this

Just looked at my graphs and I’m seeing the same. Max solar curve starts early, finishes late, compared with sunrise/sunset. I’ll have a look at some screen grabs I made earlier in the year. I wonder if it’s related to the clock change (daylight saving time)

Looking at mine since I put 147 on the last week the march graphs look ok it’s the April ones that have gone strang

Sorry. Just looked at a few screen grabs I made earlier this year and I must not have had sunrise and sunset markers enabled.

Just tried the latest b148 but my problem is still there so i intend to setup a win11 unit after getting another serial data link for a spare console i have so i can test without upsetting may current setup

I think this may relate to my issue of expeted max solar being higher or about an hour ahead of actual time depending on how you look at it. I think i need to gather more data and contact Brian.


Something has definitely changed in the latest builds 147 and 148 hence I am using build 145 which is ok I have max solar displayed on graph

It may be of interest to see my update in my thread at


Will keep an eye that post

Looking at the version history for WD I saw

17th April 2023 10.37S Build 148: Update, fix for solar units web table


5th Janurary 2022 10.37S Build 134 update:Fix for solar wm/2 not going higher than 1000 for GW1000 Ecowitt station.

Now I have no idea what this first one means but I do wonder if it could have any bearing on the issues we are seeing.


I’ve been keeping an eye on my solar max curve and noticed the following…

Early April, solar max rises before sunset, still above zero after sunset, but at the end of April the solar max curve start and finish matched sunrise and sunset.

Start of May, curve again starts/ends about 1 hour before/after sunrise/sunset.

It’s almost as if the curve is only calculated/plotted based on values for the end of the current month and gradually, as the month progresses, the curve and sunrise/sunset times get closer to what I would expect.

It’s not a big concern for me, so not looking to spend much time resolving it, but I’ll try and remember to take screen grabs to show what I’ve noticed.

This still not right with build 149 this morning had 149 report 1:51 of sunshine 145 had 0:05 which is correct
The max solar line is very low on graph on 149 so all solar values are hitting it and being recorded as sunshine