Sunrise/sunset way off UV/solar not reporting. [RESOLVED]

I’m getting Weather Display setup. I noticed at certain times a day the solar and UV readings cut off. So I sent an email to Brian. He said the longitude and latitude needed to be set. So I entered those in. But WD insists the sunrise be 23:06 and sunset be 12:03. I deleted those times and revised them with the right sunrise/sunset times. But after hitting “Update”, goes back to 23:06-12:03. Getting frusterated. I need help. How to I fix these issues?

you obviously are not setting this up correctly
post a screen shot of your sun rise/set setup
make sure to not be using the high latitude setting either
also make sure your pc time is correct and your windows time zone is set correctly

not sure why you have posted here where I have been helping you via email?

Check you haven’t used a negative value for longitude

Thank you everyone. Everything’s fixed so far.