Sunrise-sunset times wrong

I am running 9.70e and noticed the sunrise/sunset times are at least 12 hours off. Latitude/longitude is set correctly, at least not so far off that I would get a sunrise of 16:47 and sunset of 05:23. Some other setting that I should fix?

have you tried resetting the lat/long
what do you have for lat/long?

On the APRS setup page I have 4040.67N, 10506.06W.

On the SUN/MOON Set and Rise Times page I have

Longitude -105:06:00, Latitude 40:40:00, Altitude 1700

On that page, and my webpage: Sunrise 16:25, sunset 05:34

use a +ve number for west of GMT

its just the way it works, and it does mention that on the setup page

OK that fixes it, but I thought we here in CO were always -105.06. Live and learn.

BTW, I thought this was working before, and then I noticed the other day that I had the wrong sunrise/sunset.

Thanks for the help, and all you do on this software. :slight_smile: