Sunrise/Sunset times switched on sunmoonimage.jpg

The sunrise time and sunset times are not correct on the sunmoonimage.jpg. I can view the sun/moon information and the times are correct, but when the image is produced the times are switched. It appears +12 has been added to sunrise instead of being added to sunset.

Don’t ask me why but try removing the negative value from your longitude. It should look like 0088:16:14. We need to get this straight. For us guys who live in the western hemisphere the long values are negative.

Tks… I remember a previous post now and I agree, usually west of long is negative. I’ve since changed and it is now ok…

The sunmoonimage is OK but the custom tags are reversed.

Using 9.53a and my sunmoonimage looks ok but the cuswtom tags are off also.

On mine the sunrise/sunset looks ok, but the moon has not updated. All the phases are showing dates that have passed. :?

I’m using 9.53 and the custom tags I use in my email weather reports are showing sunrise and set times that are 12 hours out. The setup windows for lat and lon have them correct though.


this should be better in 9.53e

more about sun/moon etc