Sunrise / Sunset differences

Hello all,

I’m experiencing the following ‘error’:

When comparing the sunrise/sunset times on the sunmoonimage.gif en the custom-labels for the webpage : %sunrise%/%sunset%, the times are different ?!

In my opinion they should be the same…

Or am I overlooking something here…

Thanks, Aad

PS You can see it happening on my website… Click in the menu on top on ‘zon-maan data’ (this will open up the image). Four lines below is a line with the sunrise (zonopkomst) en sunset (zonsondergang) times.

I probably found why this was happening…

I changed the lattitide en longtitude and I guess the image is only updated once a day… The custom tags are done ‘real-time’

I did a clean installation on another workstation, and it was functioning ok…

Cheers, Aad

That was it !!!

I did a manual upload of the sunmoonimage.gif and everything was OK…

have fun all !


thats it
as those times dont chage much
but going back to the sun/moon setup wouldf have reset it to