Sunrise now sunset; sunset is sunrise

Using the tags:

%sunrise% = Sunset
%sunset% = Sunrise

Now running WD 9.61e


Running 9.62a and %sunrise% = sunrise, %sunset% = sunset

yah, but that’s because you are in the west coast and i’m on the east coast!

you might want to check your lat/long, under view, sun moon
wd uses a new formula, and the long has been reveresed
you should be +ve number now

Found it… guess I thought since I had filled out the lat/lon and elevation in the APRS setup, WD already had that info so I didn’t need to add that somewhere else. Also interesting you made degrees west longitude positive and east negative. It typically the other way around by convention.

Anyway, it works so I’m a happy camper. Thanks for the feedback Brian!