Sunrise and Sunset times not updated since Daylight Saving started [RESOLVED]

This is probably an easy one, but I cannot get WD to change the sunrise and sunset times to correspond to Daylight saving here in Australia. Windows timezone is correct. Lat and Long is ok. It should be an hour ahead of what it is showing. The incorrect times appear on my website I am using build 75 of the compiler version (which is running excellent by the way).

Help would be appreciated,


which windows version?
make sure to not have set to use the hig latitude setting in the sun /moon rise/set setup
(post a screen shot of your sun moon rise/set setup)
latest build is build 99, it should run just as good as build 75 for you :wink:

Did the PC automatically change the time for daylight saving, or did you change the clock manually?


I am using XP SP2 and high latitude is not set. I updated to build 99 ok.
Here is a screen dump.


I manually changed the time in windows, timezone is set to Sydney (GMT +10) and adjust for daylight saving box is ticked. PC displays correct time, WD displays correct time, just the sunrise and sunset is out by one hour.

If you had to manually change the time then the time zone settings are not working properly on your PC, and most likely the PC does not think the date for daylight saving has come yet, so it isn’t telling WD that the time is adjusted for DST, so WD doesn’t know to adjust the sunrise/set.


Spot on niko, I found a windows update missing (KB951072). I downloaded and all ok now, sunrise and sunset is now correct.

Thankyou for your advice.