Sun shine settings

what are the default settings for the solar sensor setup? that is for what is sunny, etc… :roll:

Does this help?

humm, one of the problems is i have too many stations supported , LOL

try going to setup, solar setup
and turn that ON
and set the maxcimum threshold based on the max solar radiation level reported there (for your lat/long)
that might help keep it displayed

the green is used by default for the web page screen shot

change that, under setup, misc/colour setup
screen shot colour, and tick that too

Agree, you have many stations supported... Your lab must be busy! ;)

Where does one find the max solar radiation level reported (for my lat/long)?

Am I correct in thinking when it makes the screen shot, it would change the colors, and then perhaps not change them back?


the max solar is under setup, solar setup.... (should be)

no, it changes back
its becuase the gif colours are slight ly different, and so this gives you a chance to select a better colour for the screen shot this way (by setting up in the colour setup)

the settings for the percentages such as percent for sunny, percent for cloudy, those items I have fiddled around too much with and lost the defaults

80 :%>=for sunny
65 :%>=for some clouds
45 :%>=for clouds
5 :%>=for many clouds
0 :<=% foe dust or fog

thanks to everyone helping each other out in the last 48 hours (I am away setting up a weather station at my parents place )