SUN/MOON not uploading

Hi Brian,
I am not sure this is a bug, as it could be something I did, but here is the problem. The SUN/MOON set & rise times and MOONDETAIL 1 & 2 are not uploading to the website. All the entries seem to be correct in the setup page. The Sun/Moon did upload with the upload button on the setup screen. Is there some place that I could have clicked an off button? This problem has been with the past several WD versions.

the sunmoon image should get uploaded with the daily averages/extreme
but you can use the customise internet and file creation times to set it ther
the moo ones should get upload at the first ftp after 6am or so (as long as you dont stop wd before hand)
i have however made a few changes in that area of the code so i might have broken it
are the files being updated on your hd?

Hi Brian

The problem seems to have fixed itself. I know that is impossible, but I did get an upload to the website of the moondetails 1 & 2 at 6 am and the sun/moon jpg at 6:30am. From what I understand, these files only upload once a day. If so, then everything is OK. As a matter of record, I had downloaded V.90b the night before. AS I write this, everything else with WD is going just great. The Aug roll over to Sept went just like clock work. Thanks for hanging in there and being a great corner stone.