Sun/moon and Daylight time

Now that my time zone has switched over to daylight time, I’ve noticed that my sun/moon times are 1 hr. behind. I could change my windows time zone(-8 pacific time) to compensate( -7 mountain time), but that would effect other programs. Is there another way to change the sun/moon ahead 1 hr.?

I noticed the same, but when I advanced to tomorrow, the times were fine.

I am going to guess that since daylight time changes during the day, after 00:00 it doesn’t compute it until the next full day.
I’d wait until after midnight to do anything to see if I am on track or not.

That makes sense. I’ll wait and see what happens.

You were right Aardvark! Works like a charm now. Thanks for stopping me from fiddling around and messing up the works! :slight_smile: