Summary Image / Metar Update Request

I asked about this a while ago, but it got lost amongst the many other things that Brian is and continues to work on… but it is still something I’d like to see…

Today is a perfect example of my problem… Normally WD lets you override the conditions if your station detects rain, even though METAR does not show rain… override Metar if RAIN/WIND/FOG etc… what I need it to do is the opposite as well… for example my METAR station is showing RAIN while there is not rain at my station… yet my Summary Image shows rain now…

What I’d like to see is a check so that the summary image can be overriden by my station in the event it is raining or misting or foggy at my station, but METAR isn’t showing that (this part already works), and LIKEWISE I’d like WD to NOT show it is raining if my station isn’t reporting rain! Maybe a simple check to see if rain has occured in the last x minutes before using that ICON… In my case the sky conditions say “Mostly Cloudy”… that is the icon that should be used if it isn’t actually raining… it’s the ‘weather’ part of my METAR that indicates it is raining at the METAR location… I don’t mind seeing that in the displayed text, but it is misleading to see the icon showing rain when there isn’t any.

Does any of this make sense? If you look at my Summary.gif image right now it shows rain, but if you look at the amount of rain, it shows 0 inches… because it isn’t and hasn’t actually rained at my station…

I imagine this is a bit tricky to implement, since it might involve looking at the sky conditions tag and looking for key words like rain/mist and then removing them from the ‘weather’ text and/or calculations if that condition can’t be verified with data being collected…

Yikes… glad I’m not a programmer!


actualy the tick
but leave the icon to be updated by your stations weather

is supposed to do exactly this
email me your metar file and your latest.inf file and your wdisplay.ini file and export me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry when this happens (i.e when it does not work)

The condition I noted has gone away now, as the metar is now just showing mostly cloudy again…

If I do as you suggest, will WD still get sky conditions?? Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Hazy, Thunderstorms etc? From the METAR?

i think so,
give it a try,
i gotta run and milk some cows